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Glass Refill

If you are running a vacuum flask factory and want to import a reliable assessment of glass refill, I highly recommend this manufacturer from China. They have a high business reputation for they have to do exporting business over 20 years and they have established the glass refill factory in the 1980s. The factory has plenty of sizes of glass refill, which can fit all kinds of vacuum flask and thermos. It has 2 big ovens and 4 automatic production lines, which can make fast delivery. It has a professional quality control team, which can keep every piece of glass refill strictly inspected before shipment, the thermos glass liner replacement is of good quality, they also carefully deal with shipping. Their glass refill for thermos will be an ideal choice for your factory. and its annual export value reaches over 60 million USD in more than 80 countries. 


1.Qualification: Passed the authentication of ISO9001:2000 International Quality System and certified as manufacturers of more than 50% domestic thermos factories and most overseas vacuum flask production base.

2.Quality: Only first-class quality glass refills are allowed to be exported after strict inspection

3.Service: Quick response on inquiry, production, and after-sales service

4.Delivery: Punctual delivery. Regular order can be finished after 14 days

5.Customer: Customers from all over the world, mainly including Middle East, Asia, South America, Africa huge flask manufacturers, etc.

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