Vacuum flask and glass refill have grown as 
one of the most important product in WUJO.
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Water Bottle

If you want to purchase a vacuum water bottle from China factory, I strongly recommend one Chinese supplier. That is WUJO HUI HONG.

Why buy from them? First, they have full categories of vacuum flask and thermos(Airpot, coffee pot, glass refill, plastic thermos, water bottle) With the further increase of the market demand for vacuum water bottles, in order to simplify the purchase process of customers and realize one-stop purchase, WUJO produces vacuum bottles at the same time. 

Then, the WUJO HUI HONG factory covers an area of 66000 square meters, and the annual output is more than 30 million pieces of water bottles. With 11 assembly lines, 30 injection molding machines, 14 water expansion machines, 8 vacuum pumping machines, 10 bottle blowing machines. The factory has a variety of models to meet all kinds of requirements of different customers, and we also provide a free design service of water bottles for customers. 

In summary, if you need a bulk water bottle, WUJO HUI HONG will make your draft design become a reality product, come and see details. 

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