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What kind of THERMOS has better insulation effect?

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What kind of THERMOS has better insulation effect?

THERMOS sales locations, product information, the latest promotions, member discounts, delicious recipes to share all relevant materials on this website (including photos, pictures, audio and video, text, etc.) The copyright belongs to the company, please do not arbitrarily reproduce it for commercial use. We also appeal to respect the portrait rights of all spokespersons. If disputes and lawsuits about infringement are caused, the company will reserve the right of legal prosecution. Online shopping for water bottles and tumblers Thermos online shop This is the official online shopping site for thermos products and replacement parts such as water bottles, tumblers, and lunch boxes. Since it is official, the number of thermos products handled is one of the largest. Limited items not found on other sites. The shipping fee is 400 yen nationwide. Free shipping on purchases over 5,000 yen (tax included). Bottle Design, showing a fashionable and simple style. Special patented cover design, the cover can be "automatically locked" after being pressed, effectively preventing the cover from popping open and leaking. Detachable drinking mouth seat, clean without dead ends, clean and hygienic. Thermos is a brand of thermos bottles and cooking utensils owned by Nippon Sanso Holdings. In 1904, Reinhold Burger developed a practical thermos "Thermos" in Germany. After that, it became a world-famous brand. Nippon Sanso, which developed the world's first stainless steel thermos bottle in 1978, in 1989. People have loved Thermos products for years because they make everyday life a little better, every time. The little things go a long way, so do we.

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