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The insulation principle of plastic thermos

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The insulation principle of plastic thermos

Plastic thermos have been used in many companies and enterprises. However, employees may not fully understand the plastic thermos. In this article, I will introduce the knowledge of plastic thermos to a certain extent. I hope that after reading this article, the information obtained is helpful to you.

l The insulation principle of plastic thermos.

l Application scenarios of plastic thermos.

l The plastic thermos products provided by the company.

The insulation principle of plastic thermos.

Since the plastic thermos is mainly used for hot water insulation in the family, it is also called a thermos bottle. The structure of the plastic thermos is not complicated. There is a double-layer glass bottle in the middle, and the two layers are vacuumed and plated with silver or aluminum. The vacuum state can avoid heat convection, the glass itself is a poor conductor of heat, and the silver-plated glass can reflect back the heat radiated from the inside of the container. Conversely, if cold liquid is stored in the bottle, the bottle can prevent the external heat from radiating into the bottle.

The stopper of the plastic thermos is usually made of cork or plastic, and these two materials are not easy to conduct heat. The plastic thermos shell is made of bamboo, plastic, iron, aluminum, stainless steel and other materials. The plastic thermos has a rubber gasket at the mouth and a bowl-shaped rubber pedestal at the bottom of the bottle. These are used to fix the glass bulb to prevent collision with the shell. .

The worst part of the plastic thermos's heat preservation and cold preservation function is around the bottleneck, where most of the heat circulates by means of conduction. Therefore, the bottleneck is always as short as possible during manufacture. The larger the capacity and the smaller the mouth of the thermos, the better the heat preservation effect. Under normal circumstances, the cold drink in the bottle can be kept at about 4°C and the boiling water at about 60°C within 12 hours.

Application scenarios of plastic thermos.

Target groups: shopping malls and supermarkets; large distributors, wholesalers or importers; household goods stores;

Specific scenarios: home, restaurant, hotel, outdoor, office;

Main markets: Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, Europe.

The plastic thermos products provided by the company.

The company's main products are luxury coffee pots, metal Coffee Pot, plastic pots, aviation pots, and hot water pots. The company's sales channels are mainly exported, and its products are mainly exported to Southeast Asia and the Middle East. It is supplemented by domestic sales, accounting for about 20%, mainly including Airpot, thermos glass liner replacement, garrafa termica, tea flask, glass lind airpot, thermos, stainless steel thermos flask, plastic thermos, vacuum bottle

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