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Introduction of coffee airpot

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Introduction of coffee airpot

Coffee airpots have been used in many companies and enterprises. However, employees may not fully understand the real coffee airpot. In this article, I will introduce the knowledge of coffee airpots to a certain extent. I hope that after reading this article, the information obtained is helpful to you.

l Introduction of coffee airpot.

l Application scenarios of coffee airpots.

l Coffee airpot products provided by the company.

Introduction of coffee airpot.

An appliance for brewing coffee. The coffee airpot is one of the earliest inventions in Europe. It came out in France in about 1685 and was widely spread throughout the world during the Louis XV period. There are three types of modern electric coffee airpots: percolation type, drip type and vacuum type.

There are three types of electric coffee airpots: percolation type, drip type and vacuum type. The percolation coffee airpot is an early product of the electric coffee airpot. Although the price is low, it is not convenient to use and has poor reliability. The coffee brewed by the vacuum electric coffee airpot has a strong taste, but its structure is complicated and easy to malfunction. Survival of the fittest, and now there are only drip-type electric coffee airpots on the market that dominate the world.

Application scenarios of coffee airpots.

Target groups:

Shopping malls and supermarkets; large distributors, wholesalers or importers; household goods stores;

Specific scenarios: home, restaurant, hotel, outdoor, office; cafe

Main markets: South America (the most important market), South America likes stainless steel coffee airpots inside and outside; but there is also a market for glass cylinder pressure airpots; India (India prefers stainless steel pressure airpots inside and outside).

Coffee airpot

products provided by the company.

Our company (Hunan Huihong) has a wide range of products. The factory was established in 1995 and has been in operation for more than 20 years. The monthly output is about 500,000. The annual output reaches 7 million. The plant area is about 33,000 square meters and there are about 250 employees with rich experience and mature skills.

There are two large injection molding machines dedicated to the production of molds for the coffee airpot body. The company's main products aredouble wall stainless steel coffee airpot, airpot coffee dispenser, airpot thermos, hot water airpot, thermal airpot, pump vacuum jugThe company's sales channels are mainly exported, and its products are mainly exported to American market and European market

. As WUJO developed full categaries of thermos flask, WUJO also can provide all kind of coffee pot which including arabic coffee pot with glass refill, plastic coffee pot with glass liner, double wall stainless steel coffee pot, different size of plastic thermos including 0.45L 1.6L 1L 1.2L 1.8L 2L 3.2L plastic flask, airpot inculding glass liner ones and double wall stainless steel airpot and all kinds of vacuum bottle.

If there is a coffee

airpot product that suits your needs, you can buy it. We will provide you with the best coffee airpot products and services.

If you want to buy coffee airpots and other products, you can consider our company (Hunan Huihong). Welcome to our company to buy coffee airpot and Airpot products, we will provide you with the best coffee airpot products and services. We look forward to your visit. Finally, I wish you success at work, good health and a happy family.

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