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How to maintain the thermos flask?

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How to maintain the thermos flask?

How to maintain the vacuum flask? Precautions for the use of vacuum flask


The vacuum flask can keep hot water, so that we can drink hot water at any time in the cold winter. Therefore, many households will use vacuum flasks. But do you know how to maintain the vacuum flask? What should I pay attention to when using a vacuum flask?

1How to maintain the vacuum flask

(1) High temperature disinfection must be done before use. Before the new product is used, it must be scalded several times with boiling water and detergent, and then sterilized at high temperature to achieve the effect of killing bacteria.

(2) Keep dry after use. In order to prevent the generation of odors and stains, please use a neutral detergent to clean it thoroughly and let it dry sufficiently.

(3) During use, prevent collision and fall to prevent damage to the thermos body and plastic, resulting in insulation failure and water leakage.

(4) Use white vinegar to wash tea stains. If tea stains or dirt are difficult to clean after long-term use, you can soak the tea stains or dirt in white vinegar diluted with warm water for half an hour to make it completely clean.


2 Precautions for the use of the vacuum flask

(1) Avoid burns. When adding boiling water, the thermos should not be too full, as there is a danger of spilling and scalding. The vacuum flask is a high vacuum heat preservation product with a long heat preservation time. When drinking hot beverages, you should take care to avoid burns. It is best to pour them into other utensils and other suitable temperature before drinking.

(2) Avoid adding liquids that are prone to high pressure. Liquids that are prone to high pressure should be avoided, such as dry ice, carbonated beverages, and strong acid and alkali to avoid corrosion of the inner wall of the container.

(3) Avoid deformation. Avoid any form of direct heating and high temperature to prevent product deformation and affect use.

(4) Avoid scalding children. Do not place the thermos in a place where children can easily reach it, so as not to accidentally overturn the thermos and burn themselves.


In the use of the vacuum flask, in addition to regular maintenance, do not damage the vacuum flask, but also pay attention to the precautions for use to extend its service life.

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