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How does a vacuum flask work?

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How does a vacuum flask work?

Many people use thermos because of how convenient they are. It is widely used to keep hot and cold drinks/soups for many hours. If you drink hot beverages, they keep them hot; if you put cold drinks in them, they keep them cool. Especially you can use them anywhere to drink, during shopping, going to work or school, even camping. They keep your beverages fresh and steady temperatures all day. But not everyone knows exactly how a thermos works.


Inside a thermos

The thermos has body and inner parts. The body is made from plastic or stainless steel. Inside the thermos, there is a glass refill and a silicon neck’s stopper above. Another stopper in the bottom keeps the glass refill in place and vacuum. The glass refill is silver coated that looks like a mirror.


The glass refill has silver coating that will reduce heat transfer by radiation. The tight stopper prevents air from entering or leaving a flask. It reduces convection so heat can’t escape from a thermos and the drinks stored inside will stay at the stable temperature for several hours.


When you open the stopper, the heat will escape a bit but your beverage’s temperature will not change much. Vacuum between 2 walls of the glassing refill prevents movement of heat go through convection and the thinness of the glass refill prevents the heat from entering or leaving through conduction. The body adds more insulation.


WUJO thermos is simple, effective and convenient

The heat cannot go through a vacuum, so it keeps your beverages hot or cold whenever you need. They keep drinks at steady temperatures.


WUJO thermos keeps heat for your life


The good quality body is reducing three heat transfer processes. WUJO thermos flask is produced on modern automatic production lines with high efficiency electric furnace state-of-the-art glass melting without emitting CO2, SO2 or dust into the environment. The glass refill meets European and Japanese standards. The body has a stylish, luxuries design; and produced by premium PP plastic, silicone & TPE gaskets certified by SGS on health safety and of durability, anti-rust and durable ornamental steel and high-grade stainless steel.


WUJO products are expected to always be satisfied by many domestic and foreign consumers. Currently, WUJO has supplied vacuum flask and glass refill over the world including more than 22 countries such as Europe countries, Singapore, South American countries, Middle-east, India, etc.


If you want to know more information,Please give us your information at our website or email to support you better.

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